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DaWild Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Student Artist
PrismxShine Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
jegus when did this comment section 8ecome youtu8e 2.0
SquirrelCat1998 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016
Wow this comment section is an all out war
theanimationguy Featured By Owner May 18, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
So because you don't like it you think it shouldn't exist. That's really immature. Besides, Hasbro had no right to take down Davey's videos because they were PARODIES, ergo, they were under fair use. If you cheer for a company who takes advantage of YouTube's broken copyright system because they took down a video you disliked, it gives them incentive to do it to any video they please, and no one wins there.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's fine if you didn't like Davey's content, but don't go around saying "he got what he deserved". That's like saying "I didn't like the way your face looked, so I'm glad someone took a shotgun and erased that ugly mug of yours". Bit of a hyperbole there but you get the point. But you're still going to think you're right so let's look at this from a different angle.

Let's suppose people find your content offensive for whatever reason (doesn't have to be a good one). Suddenly, Hasbro takes down all your content. This isn't unusual since Hasbro has been known to do this on multiple occasions, but what makes this different is people's reaction. You begin seeing comments saying that "you deserved what you got" and "you're nothing but trash". You wouldn't like that very much, would you? So why would you want someone else to go through that experience?

That example might be a bit cliche, but it got the point across. The point being that Hasbro has no right to take down anyone's content (especially if it fits under fair use) and no one should cheer when someone's content is taken down. I guess this is the point where I say "but you're entitled to your own opinion" or "but that's just my opinion" because saying what I really think would make me look like an asshole. But after some thought, I came to realize that I don't care if I end up looking like a asshole. So here's what I really think. If you still believe that Davey got what he deserved, not only are you an idiot, but an asshole.

"Why am I an idiot?" you may ask. Just look real close at the writing I've provided above and you'll see why. "So why am I an asshole?" you may also ask. Well to paraphrase what I wrote last time I was on this page "to wish someone harm and be glad when that harm comes to pass makes you a terrible person". Hasbro was wrong to take down Davey's videos, just as you were wrong in believing Davey deserved to have his content removed. Don't think I'm just attacking you, this goes to anyone who thinks what Hasbro did was right. Well, I'm done venting. I expect either a lengthy reply, a short insult, or no rely (which is ideal). Later.

P.S.  I case it wasn't obvious, this is directed at you XD-385. I'm only adding this because it seems that you've made it difficult for me to actually reply to your comment. If you didn't want confrontation you should have thought before you typed. 
theanimationguy Featured By Owner May 9, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Okay, this has to be said. If you think that Mister Davie deserved to get attack by Hasbro and you're glad about it, you're an idiot. He made parodies, meaning that Hasbro had no legal right to take down any of his videos. If you don't like them then that's fine, but to wish him harm and be glad when that harm comes to pass makes you a terrible person. Honestly, I've read some of these hate comments and it seems like they have no idea what they're talking about. By the way, if you reply writing something along the lines of "he made a cute kid's show violent and that's a no no" don't bother. It's called "shock humor" for a reason.
XD-385 Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Student Writer

You would've laughed if that happened and you know it. Besides that whole "he made a cute kid's show violent and that's a no no" isn't the problem here, but as I've already pointed that out above, I don't see a reason to repeat myself.


And yes, I know what shock humor is. And it's one of the biggest problems with adult animation in this day and age. Not because of what it is, but because it's practically what every adult cartoon that comes out these days is all about. When shock humor is all something has, it starts failing to shock or amuse because it never lets up. It quickly stops being either funny or shocking and ends up being pathetic. It's so common and so prolific that it has become essentially the lowest common denominator of adult animations and it is utterly depressing that it's even making its way into freelance internet animations as well. Standards for adult animation have been at an all-time low for a good long while and there's no sign of them getting any higher. And as an adult, I find that discouraging. People are supposed to get more refined in their tastes as they age, not less. 


Most adult cartoons that rely solely on shock humor are not well received and the only way Davey's animations managed to draw ample attention was because the animations were about My Little Pony and word circled about it due to sheer infamy. The same infamy that ultimately drew Hasbro's attention and wiped his Youtube account clean. And it's still just as pathetic as all the others. The only way it would've been even more shameful is if they contained gratuitous amounts of sex or genitalia shots. If shock humor is the only selling point something has, it's probably not worth watching. That's why South Park has been a success since day 1. It has a purpose besides just shock humor. I would've at least respected these if they were strictly straight faced and tried to avoid being humorous for the sake of showing something with actual depth, perhaps a parody of Game of Thrones or even Breaking Bad, but then again, not just anyone can animate something meaningful and Davey sure isn't convincing me that he's capable of such an endeavor.


There's really nothing left for me to add to this and I have no intention of ever coming back here. Davey's gone, Hasbro did what needed to be done, and I'm satisfied knowing it finally happened. Hopefully he learned something from it and uses his skills for something with a bit more substance in the future. Goodbye.

XD-385 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 24, 2016  Student Writer
Looks like Hasbro finally got off their lazy asses and put down your most wretched creation and even wiped your Youtube account clean. About damn time too. As much as they've been dicks to the fandom for a while, that was the one takedown of theirs that was indisputably justified. Your crap is genuinely damaging to the series' image when the target demographic start stumbling across it. Now all we can do is wait and hope that they'll eventually get around to wiping the rest of your pathetic legacy from Youtube mirror uploads and hopefully this site as well. I know I've said it before, but I'm saying it again. My girlfriend's ten-year-old brother found Smile HD on Youtube and couldn't have possibly known what he was getting into because of your bogus disclaimer. Seriously, fuck you. I pity every child who went looking for fun MLP videos only to find your embarrassment of a contribution to the fandom. Everything you've animated is nothing less than an exercise in bad taste.

If these videos are your idea of "fun", I pray I never meet you in real life. This is all just a sad waste of potential. Just because you can make something doesn't mean you should. These are some of the most pathetic MLP fan videos I've ever seen. And before anyone dares claim that the animation is awesome, Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights and Don Bluth's A Troll in Central Park has solid animation and that didn't save them from being total shit. Having next to no budget doesn't help your case.

And to think you were trying to turn a disgusting horror story into an animation with more of your deceptively cute style when it isn't fit to be animated at all. What the hell is wrong with you when you know this kind of animation draws in kids? No respect to the source material and no respect for the show's target demographic. The show may be crap these days and the fandom is a mess while being only a mixed bag at best, but scum like you who defile the wholesomeness and beauty of the early seasons of MLP FiM for absolutely nothing but shock value are the worst the fandom has to offer. Nothing good has come out of your animations and I cannot say how relieved I am that you quit. The only good thing you did was NOT release your Rainbow Factory animation. No wonder hardly anyone was supporting your Patreon. You have no tact or grace. If Lauren Faust herself saw what you've done, she'd be genuinely upset. Thank god your legacy has come to an end. Absolutely disgraceful.

Don't come back. Ever.
Aminellelia Featured By Owner Edited May 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You are in your right to hate gory art, and I personally don't like it either. But the whole thing about your girlfriend's brother finding it is her/their parents fault, not his, because children shouldn't be browsing YouTube in the first place. It's not a site for children, and blaming the uploader for something the guardian is responsible for is immature "never my fault" talk.

Just saying. The internet is full of mature content. It's not safe for children. It should be about damn time parents, and people like you, realize that.
XD-385 Featured By Owner Edited May 4, 2016  Student Writer


Seriously? I call total bullshit on that. I used the internet extensively as a minor myself. And back then, I still knew what was ok and what was not ok for me. If most kids these days are as smart as I was back then, then they generally know how to be safe while using the Internet. Also, saying the internet is only for adults is a joke. With the world becoming increasingly dependent on the internet, more and more children will have to use it too. Youtube is one site that kids extensively use, though there is a more kid friendly version of it that gets barely advertised. Even I barely know it exists. Besides, if Youtube is a site not meant for kids at all, there shouldn't be any kid-friendly material there. And besides, the problem with MisterDavey's animations isn't that they're just gorey. Far from it, in fact. The problem is what the animations contain and the source material along with their presentations. Honestly, if the rumors about this guy being a former Hasbro employee is true, he's lucky he didn't get slapped with a lawsuit from his former bosses. But enough about that.



One MLP fan animation/s that is geared towards a cynical older crowd that I can actually kind of respect is the .MOV series. It makes no attempt to hide how crude it is and one can even tell just by looking at it. The designs and animation is crude and not very colorful, which is not likely to interest the kids who are into MLP FiM. And for that, while I still don't like them, I can still respect these animations for the same reason I respect South Park. It's upfront with its presentation and doesn't hide how crass it is. Something that all of MisterDavey's animations fail to do. If this bastard is going to make this crap, he needs to just come out and say that kids shouldn't be watching it. Maybe an ESRB label in the disclaimer? Nah, he's not sophisticated enough for that...



Still, the one fan creation of the flash series that actually does get dark and gritty that I absolutely adore is the largely forgotten Story of the Blanks. It's spooky, gritty, and incredibly grim, yet maintains a great deal of dignity and tact with its presentation in regards to the show and the characters within it. It's absolutely tragic that an MLP FiM staple like this that is nothing short of a unique masterpiece remains forgotten while the likes of Smile HD is lingering solely as a result of shock value which is even a significant problem in most adult animation in general these days. This guy's animations can't even hold a candle to the likes of that.



Furthermore, this isn't even about the above animations being gorey. I've watched all of the fatalities from Mortal Kombat 9 and 10 and wasn't even fazed. This is about this guy's complete lack of transparency. His choice of art style in his works is pretty much right out of the show itself, and that alone is a problem when taking into account the content of the animations. Some of the earlier ones I could have at least tolerated since Cupcakes is already a widely hated mistake of the fandom and the one involving Gilda is easily overlooked, but Smile HD is where Davey crossed the line. I now know what my girlfriend's little brother was looking for when he came across it. The Smile song segment by Pinkie Pie. And even though Smile HD has no business being in that search list, it was there anyway. And with such a goofy grin on Pinkie Pie's face being shown as the thumbnail, how could he not think it would be something awesome? He was completely not at fault for that. The biggest problem of this guy's practices is that he makes absolutely no effort to make clear to the ignorant what his work contains. You've seen the intro to Smile HD. Were you able to understand whether or not what was going to happen without any prior knowledge of Davey's work? I certainly didn't and regretted viewing it in the first place and I was in my mid 20s at the time. As someone who greatly values the innocence of children, I take great offense to it. I'm really starting to suspect that MisterDavey is someone who really loathes children as he clearly does not care about keeping his crap out of the sight of minors. His reputation even seems to be catching up with him as the only place he's comfortable at is Newgrounds, having even abandoned his Youtube and Tumblr accounts. He knows he's hated for good reason. So no, just being gorey isn't the real problem here, even if it is what makes it so disrespectful towards the source material and awesome woman who created the show in the first place. The problem is that the presentation and animation is highly deceptive and the warning at the beginning is halfassed to the point of reeking of malicious intent towards the show's target demographic. There are some places you just don't go and Smile HD is the textbook definition of what happens when you do go there without even the most remote sense of context. And if you can't see the problem with that, then you just don't care.



You want to know what's funny? There are still many MLP fan animations on Youtube, but Hasbro wiped out his entire gallery for the most part. You know why? Because of how damaging they were to their intellectual property and to the show's primary viewers. Fair Use only goes so far. While Hasbro has not been kind to the fandom in general and have been utterly ruthless to the show itself for the last four years, this was still a good move. Like it or not, they did the right thing for once. I can only imagine what finally drew their attention to it, but I've got a little more respect for the company now.


So no, parents don't need to get over the internet being only for adults since that's a completely bogus claim. The issue is that assholes like MisterDavey need to start doing a better job of choosing where they upload content that is unacceptable for minors and just stop making stuff that's guaranteed to get them in trouble with companies that produce show's like MLP FiM. If this guy really is a former Hasbro employee, seeing him getting sued in court for abusing his former employer's property would have been a hell of a lot more satisfying and funny than Smile HD ever was. It's no wonder the guy could never hold a job and got next to no support on his Patreon account, assuming that rumor is true. At least he's left the fandom, so trash like that will never be made again.

On the plus side, you've got mad stitching skills. Keep up the good work.
theanimationguy Featured By Owner May 6, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Soooo. .  what part of tumblr do you come from?
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